Southwest Energy System Receives a Wonderful Gift From Employee’s Family

Southwest Energy Systems recently hosted our company retreat for all of our employees. We like to reward our employees for working hard all year. We were honored [...]

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Chris Andreasen of Southwest Energy Systems Joins the Exclusive NETA Level III Club

Chris Andreasen, Level 3 Technician at Southwest Energy Systems, successfully completed the NETA Level III examination on Monday, October 16th.  As reported by the International [...]

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5 Signs That It’s Time To Schedule Electrical Equipment Testing

The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) has released the new standards for electrical safety. Part of the standards requires inspection of electrical equipment and test [...]

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Southwest Energy Systems Wins Contract to Perform Electrical Safety Assessment for Renowned University

Southwest Energy Systems was recently awarded a contract to perform an Electrical Safety Assessment at a prestigious university in California. The contract represents the [...]

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Electrical Maintenance Testing Energized vs De-Energized Low and Medium Voltage Switchboards

Part 1 – De-Energized Maintenance Many, if not all of our clients are reluctant to execute full or partial power outages for reasons such [...]

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