What does electrical safety have to do with fries? I recently had a conversation with a client that went something like this:

Client: Ed can you field certify modified electrical equipment?

Me: Yes.

Client: Good, here is what I have.  My Infrared Survey contractor won’t open a panel because the arc flash hazard is dangerously high, so I need to install Infrared View Ports. I also am installing a new ATS which required me to modify another switchboard, but UL has already signed off on that.  These projects are happening at the same time, under the same permit and my building inspector is telling me I need to have a field certification after I install the IR windows.  On top of that he says I need a Special Inspection. Can you believe it?

Me: Sir, with all due respect, yes, this is standard procedure.  If you would have called me before you started the project I could have saved you a lot of trouble.  You see, Southwest Energy Systems could have performed your Arc Flash Hazard Analysis, Infrared Survey, Field Listed the ATS Modification, installed the Infrared Windows and by the way, we use IRISS windows which are half the price of the ones you chose, taken care of all the maintenance and performed the Special Inspection.

After a slight pause he replied “Wow, I didn’t know that, I had to deal with five different contractors/suppliers and if I had used you, I would only have had to deal with one. But I am past that now, can you help me out?

Me: Of course!

I normally don’t brag about our company in posts, but this story was just too good to not share.  Southwest Energy Systems is one of a very few companies in the US that has successfully combined all these services in one place.  From Basic Electrical Maintenance and Equipment Upgrades to Engineering Studies and Field Labeling, we pick up where most other contractors leave to help get the project completed.