NRTL Field Evaluation Services

Southwest Energy Systems offers evaluation and labeling of domestic and international equipment to the following standards:

UL, CSA, NFPA, NEC, SEMI, including Hazardous/Classified locations

  • Evaluation to Relevant UL, CSA and NFPA standards
  • Evaluation to NEC (National Electrical Code)
  • Evaluation to SEMI and Relevant OSHA

Safety Requirements

  • Evaluation of Equipment for Hazardous

Classified Location

  • Code Compliance Inspections
  • OSHA Audits
  • On-site Evaluations
  • Pre-purchase Assessments
  • Re-inspection of Repairs
  • Auditing and Documentation
  • Liability Reduction
* NFPA 70E – Article 110 (B) Inspection: Shall include elements to verify that newly installed equipment or modified equipment or systems have been inspected to comply with applicable installation codes or standards prior to being placed in service.
Often Building systems are inspected by an authority outside of the employer/owner. Much of the equipment that falls under the purview of NFPA 70E does not have a governmental electrical inspector verifying that the installation complies with applicable codes, standards, and instructions.
Without proper installation, the equipment cannot be depended on to operate correctly or to perform its required safety functions. This requirement can be accomplished by engaging field evaluation and conformity experts (OSHA recognized third party organizations) that will apply field evaluation labels which is one of the most common forms of evidence considered acceptable to an inspector.