If you could upgrade your old electromechanical relays to the latest generation microprocessor based relays for ½ the price and in ½ the time would you be interested? Read on to learn more about relay upgrades.

Of course you would, but how is that possible? After performing relay upgrades for the past 10 years with sometimes inaccurate and incomplete drawing packages we asked ourselves a question. If we are going to engineer the job in the field anyway, why do we need to develop a complete drawing package ahead of time? Why not engineer it in the field in the first place? In most cases developing a complete drawing package can set you back up to 10 weeks. For what? If we are going to trace every circuit, verify every connection and mark up the drawings to match the new system configuration, what is the point of developing a detailed drawing package prior to performing the work?

I am sure you are thinking, but don’t we need to approve drawings so we all agree how the job is to be done? Yes, of course we do, but they do not need to be a 100% set of demolition, installation schematics and point to point drawings! This where we see things differently, where we offer a new way to approach relay upgrades. To save time and money (without compromising quality) we develop a simple set of drawings from existing drawings, if you have them, and develop a set of schematics and elevations describing how the system is designed to function. Don’t have drawings? We can handle that to. We will visit your site and sketch out your existing system to assure we are 100% confident we understand the system function. In many cases there is a third party or a utility provider involved in the project that requires a full set of drawings to review prior to installation. We get that and we are more than happy to accommodate those requests, it simply costs more and takes more time.

Not everyone can use this approach. It takes a unique understanding of the system and a lot of experience. Southwest Energy Systems’ experience in testing, commissioning and engineering protection and control systems for electrical power systems allows us to deal with the surprises that come with each project, with confidence. Unlike most installing contractors, we know exactly how the system is supposed to work! Those pre-engineered packages, are essential for the general wireman that wires from point A to point B without a complete understanding of how the system is supposed to work. Considering that our team of professionals have tested, commissioned, fixed, rebuilt and built from scratch 100’s of protection systems, we have the experience and knowledge to quickly develop a comprehensive system design and go to work installing, wiring, testing and commissioning your new relays. Once complete our working drawings are converted into a final set of record drawings for your files.

You may also be thinking, doesn’t it take forever to do the job without a complete set of drawings? The answer is no. We have been doing this a long time and have found we spend more time trying to figure out the drawings and fixing errors when working with a poorly engineered project.

Skeptical? I understand, send me a note, I will answer any questions you have.

~Ed Kavanagh